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Info - What's she good for?

photo of Hg with fiddle
Photo by Jeff Brown


Groups with assorted instrumentation and size can be assembled for various purposes—for example, fiddle, flute, vocals, bodhrán, even harp or pipes, or accordion or piano. Or at least they could in Texas. Still figuring things out in Wisconsin.

Demonstrations and workshops

From informal chats with audiences unfamiliar with Irish music to master classes with intermediate Irish fiddlers.


It's always better with live music. Both Irish and Breton social dances (larger groups of musicians can be assembled for ceílí or fest-noz purposes). Irish and Breton dance demonstrations. Irish dance competitions (feisanna). Irish dance music also works well for contradances. Scottish country or highland dance a possibility, as is Renaissance dance.

See the bio and events pages for more detail.

Booking information: (813) 434-0171
Email: gilmer@fiddlista.com